Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Canoeing, etc.

I've been running still pretty steady. I haven't tried a full 5 miles yet, but it's on the docket for this week. Vacation will be happening this month at some point, so I may not be running on the camping trip, given that we do so in a place with no showers and I don't want to be that smelly. By the end of the week, I smell like a moldy cheese forest anyway, so there's no need to add to that. It's going to be a busy month so any push this week before the push next month is much needed.


I didn't run this weekend because we went canoeing. That can really test your patience with your significant other, but we got it figured out after a couple spills into the water. It sounded like the other groups had a much worse go at it. We went with 4 of our friends in 3 boats, and only one made it down the 3 hour trip without dumping. They had a 30 pack of beer to weigh it down in the middle, though.

My friend Nick and I bought some hideous straw hats that really did a great job preventing sunburn. Yeah, they laughed at us, but we had it right. Some of them are still burned pretty bad on their face and neck. The camping itself was pretty interesting with not having the right poles for the tent, the neighbors at the site (partying Canadians and a group of college kids next to us), clunking Jen in the face with a baseball when she was paying attention to a dog instead of a ball while we played catch, and a raccoon that really enjoyed our Sun Chips.

We need to make it an annual thing, and I need to let go of my obsessions with beer and sodas...at least one of them.

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