Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fighting the Decade

People always told me when I hit 30 I'd slow down, and start to notice aches and pains. Of course I thought this was all nonsense, and thought I'd be different. Truth be told, though, I just don't recover like I used to. I only ran a mile and a half today, because I was playing tennis later with Jason. They just put the nets up on the courts in the neighborhood, and I wanted to take advantage of it, so I called him after work.

Jessi was working. She got called in to cover for somebody, who, in turn, was covering for another store where they had somebody die. So she really couldn't say no given the circumstances. Maybe she'll repeat this month for Employee of the Month. So I had the day all to myself. I was planning on watching all my shows like Breaking Bad and Heroes while she was out for the day, but I couldn't justify wasting such a beautiful day inside. So I was out jogging and playing tennis until 7.

I used to run and play tennis in the same day all the time, but I got the rubberlegs today. I just never bounced back from the run, and since we haven't played tennis in so long, all the muscles involved were getting a work-out. Jason and I both getting pretty winded at points, and we weren't even playing competitive. This never used to happen. Tennis was easy and effortless. I don't remember ever having to stop and catch my breath. So disappointing.

At the very least I hope this is what's missing from the rest of my health and helps the running as well. I know when I was in good shape, tennis was a big part, and I hope it can reinforce what I'm already doing.

For now, I need the bed. I just hope I can get out of it tomorrow...

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