Monday, April 19, 2010

Taco Bell Strikes Back

Enter cheesy motivational 80s music to keep me going today. Pulled out a few songs from The Karate Kid and Top Gun Soundtracks to get through my run today. Hey, whatever it takes, and I did add a block on to the run.

My tradition of doing shots every time my hockey team scores and having the beer stein full of beer and taking sips at certain situations is really adding a lot of unnecessary calories. Every hockey fan has his superstitions though, and if they don't, they're probably not that into hockey. It's just true, especially with hockey and baseball.

This weekend was horrible for staying in line with the calories. I went to a few of the local hockey team's games and ate crappy there. Had some bosco sticks and a hamburger dog (which is hamburger in the shape of a hot dog in a bun). You know, pretty much foods designed to be the undoing of mankind. We keep doing it too, with things like the McGriddle and the double-down chicken sandwich. You know what the biggest problem is, though? They're delicious!

Had some Taco Bell today again. I need to ween myself off doing that. Two burritos and a tortada, and I'm pretty much done eating for the day. If I'm going to get something there, I need to make better choices, but I really need to cut that sh*t out. Every other place I can do without...

About to do a weigh in after the weekend and today. Pretty sure I'll be complaining about it tomorrow, but who do I have to blame? Nobody but me.

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