Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Volksläufe 2016: Rebuilding America Edition

I'm pretty sure the last time I have broken the 10 mile mark for a run was the Crim race last year.  My longest run this year was only 8 miles.  Even on short runs right now, I'm posting 12 minute miles.  So signing up for a 20k on July 4th was probably a stupid idea.

Really, my only goals were to finish and "run" the full distance.  Some nice dehydration cramps in the wretched heat almost stopped that, but in the end I did it.  Not fast (a clock time of 2:38), but it's progress, and I did it in style.
My legs are just corpses right now, but I'm going to keep sending them out until they fall off, or I can hit 26.2.  I'm hoping some speed comes back, but I'll live with just the distance.

Other than that, I'm doing everything I said I would.  I'm dropping weight, took up swimming, and slowing the drinking (minus the camping trip).  If I stay in this right direction, I may just make it to the end of Chicago alive.

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