Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I'm going to start this by saying I sprained the hell out of my ankle.  Was it running?  Well, that depends if running away from your dog in the house, slipping on a rug, and going down in a heap counts as "hurt while running."

Anyway, I still hurt, but screw it, I'm running on it.  You know how I work by now.  Tuesday was my first day back.  It was dicey, but at least it was dry.  However, that was just a test run to see if I wanted to run the Mott Park Turkey Trot in Flint.

News is here :)
There was no way after last year I'd do Detroit.  I just didn't want the hassle.  I also didn't want the hassle of going to the bank, so I partially paid my $10 entry fee in change.

When I got there (only about 10 minutes before the 9am start), I was in shock.  There were a lot of people there.  Last time I did this race, there were maybe 100 or so.  This year there was over 450, and they completely ran out of shirts, except for 2X, which I gladly accepted, because I'm too lazy to pick up an XL from Bauman's next week.  Oh wait, I have to pick up my Santa suit for Santa Run anyway...dammit!

I saw one of my old classmate's parents.  They're always running together still, and they're in their 60s.  I think that's awesome.  They're still pretty fast too, and tend to win their age groups, which is more than I can say.  

Running Path

My wife and my first apartment together was in that brick one back there.

We were a little delayed by the kids' races (1 and 2 mile) and, of course, all the extra people that showed up, but we still got rolling only a half hour late.  Being worried about the ankle on frozen ground (off-roading on an old golf course) I ran my first mile very cautiously and came in over 10 minutes.  However, I made up a little ground on 2 to come in at 19:30 and finished at 28:30.  

After Photo
Since I was actually thinking I'd be lucky to even do the Santa Run when I hurt myself, I'm putting this one in the win column.  Also in the win column, getting a t-shirt and a medal for $10, not having to drive to Detroit, and being able to cross a finish line unimpeded.

Shirt and Medal
Honestly, if this race is this solid every year, I'm going to just keep doing it, because, in the words of Stefon....

"...this race has everything:" dogs in sweaters, a crazy wolverine fan man with a block M painted on his sweatshirt, people in turkey hats, people in bad Christmas sweaters, cheering 4-year-olds, registration in an abandoned golf clubhouse, free pie for winners, & an old man that's barking instruction loud enough for everyone without a megaphone

Afterwards, I had to rush home and start letting people into the house, because Thanksgiving (also my 34th birthday) was at our house this year.  Thanksgiving was as good as it could be, and we made our first turkey ever.  I hope yours was wonderful.


  1. those are awesome medals! Congrats on a solid run, sorry to hear about the ankle hopefully it wont give you too much trouble. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, my uncles birthday was also on Turkey Day! Needless to say, he got sh*tfaced. Other than that, Food, family, fun . . . good times.


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