Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catching Up...and Upcoming Events

So, we left off with me running the Crim, co-best manning a wedding, and being a maniac on the floor.

The week after the wedding, it was time to do a little focus on my own marriage.  My wife and I did a little pre-celebration for Anniversary #2, and went up to Petoskey/Harbor Springs/Petoskey area.  We were looking for something nice, inexpensive, close, and laid back.  We got it, but maybe it was a bit too laid back, and the weather didn't want to cooperate.  Rain just seems to follow us whenever we go anywhere.  It even followed me to Vegas, and it pretty much never rains there.  No matter though, everything can be made fun with the right company.

We did get one nice sunset
Hit up Petoskey Brewery and did a sampler of all 10 beers and 1 cider
Went to a Winery/Farm where I only drank cider
Saw a pig race (Who let that child in there?!?!  I call interference)
Saw "Moose Man" Rock Art
Went to another brewery (Beards).  It was much better and its
sampler was shaped like a beard.  Winning!
Did our Biennial Mackinac Picture (this was not the keeper)
Went to Charlevoix

Ate at the mushroom-looking restaurant place (Weathervane?)

I think I've chosen a signature pose
Anyway, we had fun.  I just wish there was more beach around there not privately owned by people, and we also had better weather.  There was really only one day to go out swimming, and even then the air was a bit too cold.  Personally though, the three town are a little too focused on quaint shops, and we're not really shopper people.  I think we'll stick with places that have a lot more public land and nature things for us to go and do, because that's more our speed.  We like dunes, water, and trails more than nice city things.  We get enough city at home.

Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming (Sorta)

Unfortunately, after getting back from our anniversary vacation, on the day of our actual anniversary, I got sick.  I tried to insist on going out for a nice romantic dinner, to which my wife just laughed at me and said, "Nah...let's go get Thai food instead and you can get hot food to burn that out of you."  Unfortunately her plan didn't work and there was no romance to be had.  There was just a night of me sweating through two pillows, followed by a week of me being sick.  Needless to say, with the time off up north and the sickness, my running schedule's taken a hit, but I'm getting back into the swing this week.

For the next two weeks, I will be doing two charity events.  However, in a very unusual twist for me, I will be involved in two WALKS (wait...we can't run?).

The first walk is to support a good friend's significant other who has Polycystic Kidney Disease.  I joined up, made a donation, set up myself on the web page, and will be walking this Saturday.  As someone who purposely abuses his own kidneys and takes having normal ones for granted, it's the least I can do.

Next weekend, I will be doing a walk that is actually free for me, but will set back Renfield $10.  I'm looking forward to this walk, but my dog walks this area every day, so he may get surly with the other dogs.  This is kind of his territory.  If you're nearby, bring your pup and say hello.  I assure you that my Corgi is all bark.  The festivities start at 9am.

Also, guess whose mug showed up on TV at the World Series of Poker.  You guessed it, Frank Stallone.

Actually, I did.

I'm on the right in my "Sparty On" shirt and shorts


  1. Love it! Happy Belated Anniversary bud! Your wife is beautiful! Weather never cooperates when you want it too! Enjoy the Mutt Strut...sounds like fun to be had!

  2. What is it with you? You always get the media exposure. Didn't you get interviewed and in the local newspaper with your ED tee shirt awhile ago? Ha. Happy belated anniversary! My wife and I went to Boston for ours this past weekend. I even got to see the Red Sox kick some Yankee tail.


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