Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick of Bay City Part 4

Don't worry everyone (me), I didn't bonk on the 5K and come in at 30+, as much as I worried about it.  In the end it wasn't even as close as I thought it was when I finished (clock time was 29:30s).  I ended up sneaking in with a 28:32.  Not tearing it up by any means, but not right on the border of my feared backtracking over the 30 border.

I ran solo this year, due to my buddy's work conflicts, but my lady went with me, even though she had very little interest in being out in the 20 degree weather.  I also dropped out of going to Corktown with my friends instead, and chose to do the race, since it was a 40th anniversary race and it was actually on the holiday.  So I was hoping it would be a pretty big deal.  In the end it was kind of same ol' same ol'.

Now, despite having a good chunk of Irish heritage going on, and being Catholic, I have pretty much had a lifelong dislike of Notre Dame (besides they were founded by the French and don't even know where this whole "Fighting Irish" thing even came from anyway).  I even had a shirt in my college days that said "I'm Irish, I'm Catholic, I still hate Notre Dame" that I wish I hadn't lost somewhere.  Anyway, never being one to pass up the chance at taking the piss out of them a little bit, I made a little modification to my new Manti Te'o shirt.

The shirt was a hit
Of course all I probably accomplished, karma-wise, was to bring his sideshow to the Detroit Lions.  Oh well, They haven't won anything since my mom was 4.  It's not like their ineptitude has any effect on me at this point.  Also, the NFL kind of sucks.  I'm starting to realize most sports do.  I had to turn off MSU/Iowa this weekend just because the overabundance of commercial breaks was KILLING me.  Say what you will about soccer being boring, at least it's not interrupted every 2 minutes of clock time.
Me waving to my lady at the final stretch
After the race, and finally getting a Powerade at the end this year for once, it was time to go get some food.  We attempted to avoid the crowd and went to Grandpa Tony's just a few miles south of downtown.  It was nothing to crow about.  Then we attempted to swing back north around the parade and go to Tri-City Brewing, but it was closed (it's only open Wed-Sat apparently).  So we decided just to find somewhere to get a St. Patty's brew, and settled on the Stein Haus, even though it was completely the wrong nationality (except for some common mild underlying disdain of the English).  All things considered, we should have went here for food too.  It was a pretty awesome environment.  Not a bad beer selection either.  Anywhere that carries Dragonmead is good in my book.

Me with my beer and my dry Tossers shirt.
If you're not familiar with The Tossers, they
are a great Irish-style band from Chicago, perfect for St. Pat's listening.
  I consider them to be today's rightful
heirs to the throne formerly held by The Pogues.

Steins are even on the ceiling...

This year's shirt and 4 Medals (2010-2013)

The best shirts were still 2010 & 2011 (IMO)
Another St. Patty's Day in the books.  A very mild one, but a good one with my lady.


  1. Yeah, that's 2011. That's one of my personal favorites, honestly. I wear it a lot under my tees, and not for running where I'll ruin it and give it permaskank. 2012 was an all black with green print.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time regardless of the excitement of the race, lol! Great job on your time...that's awesome (I'm still at 30:13) ugh! Way to go!

  3. Your Manti shirt is hilarious. Congrats on the 5k and remaining well under the 30-min threshold.


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