Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maybe I Should Have Rethought My Blog Name

For those of you that have actually seen "Run Fatboy Run," you know Simon Pegg's character Dennis finishes his marathon on an ankle he has no business running on.  I am starting to feel his fictional pain.

Last week, I had to cut off our long run at 15 miles.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  Today, even with remembering to douse my foot in Icy Hot, didn't feel much better, and I was happy to be done at 13 miles, which was all we had on the schedule.  Last Friday, I tucked my doubts away with my wife and my friend  over a few Hofbrau Oktoberfest pitchers at Frankenmuth's Oktoberfest in the big steel beer tent.

After enjoying myself too much and possibly yelling several times of how this festival was "the best bar ever!" (even though it's not a bar), we left and had the compulsory pretzel on the way out.
Pretzel Time
So, I don't know.  I'm trying to survive this last month without finding out what's wrong, for reasons I've mentioned and, also, because I think if I find out I'll mentally give myself an out.  Like Dennis...I refuse to be stopped.  My mom, who is a nurse, insists I get it checked, but we'll just tell her next weekend that it feels fine now (while I pretend to walk normally right after running a 13.1 at The Brooksie Way).

Also, I would really like to point out that, as of September 3rd, I have been married for a full year, and my wife and I have been together for 6.  It has been a fantastic life since we've met, and I am incredibly lucky to find someone that makes every night feel like a slumber party with my best friend.

Epic Flint Photo
For our anniversary, we went to Ludington to relax and do nothing at a B&B.  We ran into my aunt, uncle, and cousins after my cousin Erica yelled my name from a truck when we were walking from the beach.  We got to spend some random time with them.  That was a nice coincidence, because, as I said before, I need to see them more often.  Right now I'm wishing I was down at the MSU/OSU game with my cousin, even though he's an OSU fan (blech!).  For the most part, we just went out to eat, went to bars, hung out at the water, and relaxed in the hot tub drinking champagne at the B&B (like a boss!).

Before we headed up there, we went back to the scene of the crime where we ate the first night we met, and were very happy that the same booth we shared 6 years ago was the only one available.
We did not order the same things, though.  It was breakfast, not 1am.
Brooksie Way Half-Marathon is looming tomorrow, and the Detroit Marathon is getting very very close.  This is going to get real interesting, real quick.


  1. Dude . . . good luck. Are you sure you're not Mexican? Cause you sound a lot like my family. They don't like going to the doctor either 'cause they're afraid they might find something.

    1. I don't know. Much like Stephen Colbert, I don't see race. People tell me I'm white, and I believe them, because I own Neil Diamond records.

  2. happy belated anniversary! hope the BW 1/2 went well.


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