Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Squirrels, Running, Bleeding, Pumpkins, and Beer

I'm back to working on some short distance greasy fast speed.  I'm not thinking after what I've been doing that there's a lot of chance for me to set any 5K PRs before the end of the year, but I want to get back within striking distance.  There are at least two more chances to prove I haven't lost 2-4 minutes.
Suicidal Squirrel
While I've been doing this, I've had to tread carefully.  Everywhere I want to run, there are squirrels that want to die.  At least two times on every run, I end up running toward a squirrel sitting near a road with one or more cars coming toward us.  Then it's up to me to take the perfect route around the squirrel to not spook it out to its certain death.  So far so good.  I don't want squirrel blood on my hands (...or feet), even though I know one of them did this to my pumpkin... (still no photographic proof of the culprit, but I've caught them in the act)
Yes, this is really my pumpkin, not some
random picture from the net.
Today's run was interesting, given the fact I cut off most of my thumb's knuckle skin.  It started re-bleeding about halfway through the run.
You don't really want to see what's under there
So I got home and did a re-band-aiding (double hyphen, what does it mean?!?) and taping and it stopped again.  I grabbed my shower, water, and had a couple Mooseheads.  They are left-overs from my MSU/UofM get-together that nobody showed up to because every one of my UofM fan friends, except the one who's actually an alumnus of U of M-AA, were too wussy to show.   That was probably because they thought this was going to happen...
Dramatization of 10/15/11
Anyway, Moosehead is usually my beer of choice for anything MSU-related, because, back then, it was the most exquisite "top-notch" stuff that I got to drink.  So it represented good times, and for some reason when I'm watching State or at my old campus, I have to have the moose with me.  Some of the other, more common beer (or semi-equivalent) staples of that time I've since outgrown.
It's not "Moo U," it's Moose U
After that, our friend came over to carve pumpkins with us and my wife bought us both another pumpkin (since hers got eaten today too).  Actually she bought two for her...

Mine.  Yeah, I'm part of the Nerd Herd
P.S. - You have until Friday to watch the first
4 Seasons of "Chuck" and enjoy the final season
in real time.  You're welcome, NBC.  I'm sure my
message here will reach countless sums of people


  1. Ok first off, the fact that the pic of the pumpkin is not staged at all, cracks me up beyond belief. HILARIOUS.

    Second, the dramatization of the bears is priceless.

    Third, who ever carved the demonic pumpkin is my hero.

    I hope the finger feels better soon.

  2. The demonic pumpkin was actually made by one of your ilk, my redhead :)

    The bears were a wedding shower gift to her, and I have sworn not to harm or discard the maize and blue bear. Nothing was ever said about how they should be arranged.


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