Thursday, December 2, 2010

F*ck Rocky!

Ice and snow are not that easy to run on. I have the Santa Run this weekend, which will likely be the last run of the year. I haven't picked up the suit yet, but I hear they're very small and flimsy. What do you expect for $25?

Anyway, back to almost falling on my butt, standing up on crappy roads takes a lot of ankle strength that I don't have. After a 5K today, they felt like the most worked part of my body. Stupid old injuries. Today trampoline ankle was more ouchy than soccer ankle, but I'm sure it will jump back and forth.

I looked up how to dress and layer yourself for winter, and doing a wicking layer, sweats layer, and windproof layer worked out pretty well. I stayed relatively dry, wasn't cut to pieces by the cold wind, and wasn't cold at all. I think I need to start researching some more running tips, and maybe subscribe to a running mag to give myself a little help. Although, I'm not sure it will help much until March or so. The weather is about the test my mettle...

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