Sunday, November 6, 2011

...And...I'm feeling like I might be back

Minus having to give the deep fryer a whirl and make us some waffle fries, I haven't eaten bad this weekend.
The New Enemy in the Making
Yesterday, I went off on a 14+ mile run to make this week #5 that I've increased mileage.  I really only needed 8 to keep the streak, but I had to see if I could push out something killer this weekend.  I didn't even want to go out at all yesterday.  I kept telling myself, "Mow the lawn, or do some work around the can run tomorrow."  For the first 5 miles, I still felt that way.  It was a rough go early, and I'm pretty sure I could have walked as fast as I was running, but I was already out there, and cutting it off would have been a major failure.  So I'm still keeping the dream of the double-Crim alive this year.  We'll see what happens.  If I manage that I'll be scrambling to find that out-of-state make-up race.  Any suggestions within close range of Michigan (OH, IL, IN, etc) but not in Michigan would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also starting to plan out the races for next year.  It really saddened me to find out there would be no Witchy Wolf this year (at least not the 15 miler).  I really was excited for that one, knowing I could handle the mileage.  Same damn thing happened to me last year for the Frozen Blueberry, but that's apparently back this year.  One thing my friend and I have been discussing is running the Bigfoot Race.  I've already looked pretty extensively into buying some snowshoes for it.  I will probably pick them up this weekend, even if we don't do the snowshoe race.  I will probably need them for our trail running this winter.


  1. go get some eyemuffs! lol!

    all of those races sound way too cold for me.

    great job on getting out to run even though you weren't quite feeling it.

  2. Hey Brent,

    I've been thinking about doing a snow shoe race too, but there aren't many in CT.

    I haven't run 14 miles in over two years because of knee problems. I envy you being able to do it.

    That Frozen Blueberry race sounds like an interesting race! I'm thinking that you actually get blueberries at the end of the race or does the "blueberries" symbolize something freezing up on your body?

    heh, heh!

  3. Ha, I hadn't thought of that meaning for it, but now I probably will be thinking that the whole time if I run that one. It's actually in a town that has a Blueberry festival in the summer as well as a race by that name, and this is just the winter counterpart.

  4. I really enjoy researching and choosing races. Good luck!


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